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As a leading provider of legal services for businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs nationwide, Securities Compliance Group is your full-service law firm for every business need. You can call us now at 888.899.6643 or contact us online to request an initial consultation.

From our offices in Wheaton and Beverly Hills, we assist clients nationwide with matters involving business law, corporate law, and securities law. The decision to become a publicly traded company or entity requires significant planning and coordination, and our firm is particularly adept at taking preventive measures to protect your rights, assets, and interests during every stage of business development.

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Adam Tracy of Securities Compliance Group, we have been featured on Fox News for our world-class service, extensive legal knowledge, and substantial experience in a variety of financial consulting matters. We have been recognized on national television in light of our ability to help businesses throughout the Chicago area successfully transition from private to public entities in a quick and affordable manner.

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Many business owners and corporate professionals try to go through the process of becoming a publicly traded entity on their own terms. Unfortunately, a miscalculated attempt can end up costing businesses much more money and legal challenges than they can afford. We are well versed in all areas associated with the initial public offering (IPO) process and can provide clear guidance with respect to your financial integrity and corporate structuring, and can provide all of it for you at an affordable price.

The benefits of working with our firm include:

  • We can handle all of your securities and corporate law issues
  • Affordable services for any size of business
  • Customized counsel for micro, small, mid-sized businesses and private or public entities
  • Comprehensive services for business owners and shareholders
  • Clear guidance that is in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission

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Any business, company, or microbusiness seeking to become publicly traded in the United States must first obtain clearance from the SEC. Because this step can be a major and complex undertaking, you will want to make certain that you are being represented by a dependable, knowledgeable, and proficient professional who can help you successfully navigate the process.

Our securities attorneys can guide any entity through a wide range of issues, including:

If your business or corporation is in need of representation during the process of going public, we can inform you of what to expect during the IPO process, offer post-IPO counseling and assistance, and provide other strategic insight into the IPO process to ensure maximum profit and minimum risk.

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Retain us to be your reliable source for "out of house" general counsel! From securities law issues to major corporation reorganizations, Securities Compliance Group is the firm to choose! We can handle your legal matters so that you can focus on handling your business concerns and ensuring that your company continues along the path of prosperity and profit.

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